Beyond The Blue - Strengthening Police Families

Calgary Beyond The Blue is an independent, peer-led, non-profit organization, with the support of the Calgary Police Service and the Calgary Police Association, dedicated to serving spouses & families of Calgary police officers.

Spouses and children of law enforcement officers face a unique set of circumstances that lends itself to the need for emotional support, better awareness, training and too

ls to enable police families to thrive with their roles as a support system for their police officer. We strive to promote an awareness of our officer's worth as well as an understanding of the joys and struggles that are uniquely experienced in a life in law enforcement.

It is the belief of the Beyond the Blue that it would be a tremendous benefit to the officers of any police service as a whole, if the extension of the officer – their spouse and their family – have the training and tools combined with emotional support to thrive in the unique experience of having a police officer as their husband, wife, partner, father, mother, son or daughter.

Calgary Beyond The Blue is a chapter of Canada Beyond The Blue

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