2017 City of Calgary Contract Ratification

This contract proposal came about as a result of informal discussions between the CPA and the City of Calgary in relation to our 2015 Interest Arbitration Award. Despite strong justification to grant it, Arbitrator Tettensor denied the Association’s maternity top up proposal. He suggested the parties needed to discuss the matter further.

The Association began dialogue with the City in the spring of 2016 and suitable maternity top up language was eventually agreed upon. During these discussions, the possibility of a quick 1 year deal began to take shape and the City provided the CPA with an offer in October 2016.

After several counter offers, an acceptable agreement was reached. That offer is being presented today. The CPA Board believes it to be fair and recommends acceptance. It is important to understand that all of this has taken place outside of formal collective bargaining, so the proposal is limited to items the City was willing to discuss and negotiate.

More information including offer highlights, comparisons, salaries, FAQ's & more can be found by clicking HERE.

2017 City of Calgary_Contract Final Offer

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