CPA Sets The Record Straight

At the Calgary Police Commission Meeting on February 28th, the Service was questioned about timelines to implement its new HR policies to address issues within the organization. The Chief informed the Commission and the media it is taking longer than expected because he claims the CPA does not want to work with an outside party.

This information is false. The CPA DOES want to work with an outside party to help resolve issues for its members, and had previously informed the Service this was the case. The Chair of the Calgary Police Commission corrected the Chief at the meeting, indicating the CPA wants to work with an independent party. The Chair knew this because of communication with the CPA, which has set the record straight on this issue and several others of concern to the membership.

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The CPA actively pursues positive change for the employment and professional interests of its members, and defends those same interests. It sets clear objectives based on our role as a labor union and is creative and innovative in making and carrying out initiatives to achieve these goals. Read more.



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