REPUTATION UNDER ATTACK: Recently, one of our members was involved in a traffic stop of a female. The female, who proports to be a local celebrity, went on social media and made several false and misleading accusations against this member, and the manner in which the traffic stop was conducted. She went on to publicly smear the member’s name and regimental number. Luckily, the member had in-car camera video evidence which discredited the woman’s version of the events, and in fact, showed that our member had acted honorably and with the utmost professionalism. The Service, armed with this information, met with this woman, yet failed to pursue any remedies to rectify the fact that our member had his reputation attacked. The Association stepped in to support this member and he obtained an apology, and also had sanctions placed upon her use of social media going forward.

'The Association stepped in to support this member and he obtained an apology'

SUSPENDED WITHOUT PAY: Some time back, the Service brought criminal charges against a member, and eventually, suspended the member without pay. To be suspended, for those members who would prefer to be around their colleagues, it is demoralizing, but to be suspended without pay is devastating to any member. Service policy states that even when suspended without pay, a member must get the approval from the Chief to gain lawful employment outside the Service. This member made an application for employment for a job, which under normal circumstances is disallowed for members, and the Chief upheld that position, regardless of his suspension without pay. The Association negotiated with the Chief and were able, on a without prejudice or precedent basis, to get the approval from the Chief for this member to work at this outside job while he waits for the result of his charges.

TENURED BACK TO FRONT LINE: A member approached the Association, faced with the prospect of being tenured back into front-line patrol after many years of investigative police work. This member has been the absolute consummate professional, and had absolutely no qualms about returning to the front line, even though it wasn’t the career path she had chosen. When she tried to prepare for her return back to the street, it became very apparent that the Service had not planned the path back to the street for our affected members. She needed to be re-qualified on several use-of-force options, yet no re-qualification courses were available before she was scheduled to return back to front-line duty. She contacted the Association, who contacted the executive and explained the situation. The Association stated that their position was that the infrastructure to support the Chief’s mandate of tenure back to patrol without exception must exist if our members are to reintegrate back into patrol safely and effectively. The tenure policy is devastating to many of our members, but even further, tenure without a game plan is causing untold stress and anxiety. The Service says it’s now working to have the infrastructure in place to relieve these issues, and make a difficult situation more manageable. Please contact the Association if you find yourself in similar circumstances.

'The tenure policy is devastating to many of our members, but even further, tenure without a game plan is causing untold stress and anxiety'

DO YOU COPY?: The Association was made aware of significant radio transmission and reception issues that members of 5 District were experiencing inside the district office building. Transmitting was becoming so sketchy that members were being forced to run outside just to reply to transmissions. The Association became involved and contacted the proper people within the Service, and apprised them of this growing concern, explaining it was becoming a real safety concern for members. A technician was sent, and he found that the radio equipment in the 5 district office was completely broken and malfunctioning and needed replacing. This equipment has been replaced, and this seems to have mitigated the problem, making working conditions safer and more efficient for everyone.

CPA JUMPING OVER HURDLES: The Association is committed to improving the ability to communicate with the membership, both individually and as a whole. Proof of that commitment has been demonstrated by a board member who realized that the only way to ensure we had the cell phone numbers of each member for easy access to each board member was to enter almost 2300 numbers manually into a spreadsheet. This is proof that this board is working hard to improve our communications with our members, regardless of the hurdles we’ll encounter along the way.


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